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Royal Vegas offers the highest quality online slot machine games. Our casino games appeal to a wide audience and are available in a variety of themes. You can choose from a number of categories, including the ever-popular arcade slots, reel slots, classic fruit slots, and the visually appealing video slots

The history of the popular slot machine

The humble slot machine was invented in 1895 by American car mechanic, Charles Fey. His first slot machine, named the Liberty Bell, had three spinning reels, with diamond, heart and spade symbols painted around each reel, as well as the image of a cracked Liberty Bell. A spin resulting in three Liberty Bells in a row meant the biggest payoff.

After major success with other adaptations of this original machine, Charles Fey invented the first draw poker machine in 1901. Charles started renting his machines out to saloons and bars, and soon he could not keep up with the demand. Arcade manufacturer Herbert Mills stepped in and started manufacturing competitive machines called the Operator Bell. Herbert was the first to place fruit symbols on his slots, which are still popular today. In 1975, the first electronic slot machine was built by the Fortune Coin Company.

Today, Royal Vegas Online Casino offers all the excitement of modern slot games and progressive jackpots, while also celebrating the tradition of old-style machines. You can enjoy whichever style of slot machine you prefer, with the option to even customise your game play to whatever suits you best. You will be winning in no time!

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As the most popular casino game with players all over the world, online slots are one of the best ways to have some hassle-free, adrenaline-fuelled fun.

Royal Vegas has over 400 games to choose from, and from the collection, some of our most popular online slot games include:

  • Game of Thrones™
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  • Avalon II™
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  • Thunderstruck™

Our graphics are of the highest quality and our game-play has been designed so that you experience only the best in online casino games.