Online video poker

Video poker is an online gaming format that sees players challenge the dealer in a game of skill and strategy. Royal Vegas Online Casino offers you the choice between single or multi-handed video poker, giving players a choice of poker enjoyment that is only available online.

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How do I play and win?

  • Your aim is to accumulate the strongest 5-card hand by choosing to hold or discard cards from your original hand
  • The cards you discard are then replaced with new ones from a deck, thereby increasing your chances of gaining a stronger hand
  • Hands are ranked according to the value of the number, face, and suit. The more valuable the hand, the more likely it is that you will win
  • You place bets based on whether or not you feel that your hand is stronger than the dealer’s hand.
  • The payout is based on the strength of your hand

Online video poker bonuses

Video poker also allows for a Bonus Doubling Phase where you can boost your winnings. You do this by drawing a card that has a higher value than the dealer’s card.

If you win the round, you up your winnings and continue to play another round to further increase your winnings. If not, you return to the original game.

Remember, if you choose to play another round against the dealer and you lose, all your Doubling Phase winnings will be lost.

Types of Video Poker Games

At Royal Vegas Online Casino, you will be able to enjoy a variety of video poker games, including single-hand video poker games and multi-handed video poker. Our platform also offers players a better selection when they choose to play one of our many video poker options.